120912 “Great shocker”

Pacquiao-Marquez started with fire, both parties are throwing knockdown punches in their hardened body, though many of us are betting out our money on who will win, Filipinos all over the world believe in Manny’s killing left hook.


     Pacman and Marquez was already heating up their fight by giving each other breaking punches, both defenses are great. Manny P already won the first round, technically. 

And here it goes…


     Marquez already slipped by Manny’s combo, but he never touches the canvas. Marquez then again hit Manny with his straight right hook making him sat down but Manny managed to stand up and fight again.


     Manny revenged and throw a fire ball of left hook on Marquez making him blew down the ring giving him too an 8 counts.



     Marquez gave a full strength of right hook onto Manny’s face leaving Manny fell on the ring…

Everybody in the MGM Grand Arena was shocked! And I bet every Pacman’s supporters either. Pacman’s beau, Jinkee was in great panicked, crying, she ran towards Manny but wasn’t allowed to go near him she was hysterical can’t say anything. (I wonder what’s Mommy Dionisia’s condition right now.) A jaw dropping event of the year and for Pacman’s career. A TKO for the boxing hall of fame-r! Not so gooood! 

But all we, Filipinos, know that Pacman is a hero and a legend not just for the field of boxing but also in the service of our country. 

Twitter has been all fired up by his loss but nevertheless, almost all are countless support to Manny. 

As what Manny said on his post-fight interview:

"…That’s the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose"

Pacquiao is the first and only 8 division world champion. Tell me he isn’t the greatest.


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